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Metrolina Preparedness

ICS-400 – Advanced Incident Command System Command

Tues. Dec. 13 – Wed. Dec. 14 – 0900 – 1700

Mountain Area Healthcare Preparedness Coalition – MAHPC
518 South Allen Rd, Flat Rock NC 28731

This course is designed for those emergency response personnel who would function as part of an Area Command, Emergency Operations Center, or Multiagency Coordination System during a large, complex incident or event or those personnel who are or would likely be part of a local or regional Incident Management Team during a major incident, whether single agency, multiagency or Unified Command.

Prerequisites: ICS-300 – Intermediate Incident Command System for Expanding Incidents Version 2019 (G-300.a)

Equivalent Prerequisites: G-300, VTG-300.a, ICS-300, IS 300, EPT4300, SURRY-ICS300, SURRY-PH-ICS300, G-300 (L)